Internet Explorer: Returns from the trip down memory lane and fast-fowards to the future.

I personally loved IE’s campaign ‘Children of the 90s’ back in January that celebrated the early internet years. It helped that it was aimed at my generation. It was a brilliant way for IE to remind everyone that they had been there at the party since the beginning, well they pretty much started the party. Nostalgia is, obviously, an emotional response, and evoking it is a powerful way to get people on your side.

“Hey remember this 90s kids, back when the internet was just a place for you and us, those days of simplicity, floppy disks and pogs?”

Yes Internet Explorer, I do remember. Especially when I broke my big brother’s rarest pog and he made me stand outside in the rain for a whole hour. Bygones.

I think the ad did a pretty good job of evoking the necessary nostalgia in a lot of people. The problem is that people did still move on from IE. I haven’t used it in nearly 5 years and these days, if it isn’t chrome, then I don’t want to know. Which is where the next stage of the IE campaign comes in, and it might just be working. Alongside the tumblr site, which takes you through the journey from grandad IE to the flash new IE 10, and tablet-optimised IE 8. And now the latest 60 second spot, which details the touchy side of the new browsers.

“Fast, fluid, perfect for Touch.” It’s dramatic; a far cry visually and musically from the previous ad. I’m nearly curious enough to give it a go…

3 responses to “Internet Explorer: Returns from the trip down memory lane and fast-fowards to the future.

  1. Quite interesting! I didn’t know the latest IE was getting so much positive press – I’ve yet to try it out but this has almost convinced me…

  2. I thought the ‘children on the 90s’ was a brilliant piece of advertising in itself, but without a follow up it wouldn’t convince people to switch back to IE. Maybe that will be more likely now…

    • Exactly. The risk of evoking emotions from the past is that, especially in this case, those emotions are not always positive. Nostalgia suggests a fondness for days gone by, but in this case IE needs to focus less on where it’s been and more on where it’s going. The new campaign is a much better way to take advantage of the recent glowing reviews and focus on what it can do for you now; not what it tried to do for you then.

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