“Summer is a state of mind,” if we repeat it enough times we might just start to believe it…

I wrote this post back in April when it still seemed like spring had slept through its annual alarm. I’ve been saving it for a rainy day, (un)fortunately there’s plenty of those to be had in these parts…

Topical advertising

makes consumers feel in touch with the brands behind it and there is one subject that is always topical on this fair green island; the weather.  It is always a good opportunity to make an emotional connection with an audience. But I think successful weather-based advertising, in the UK at least, can do more than just capitalising on our fervent yearning for a decent summer. Personally, it’s ads that make me crack a wry smile or connect over a well-established elemental truth that I like the most; like this print and outdoor ad from Vauxhall.


I will never get enough of this kind of advertising: timely, engaging and specific to its audience. This approach is in contrast to fashion retailers, who love to complain about the weather. I get that; it’s hard enough for me when I’m trying to convince myself that it’s OK to wear winter riding boots with a flirty floral number for spring in an attempt to avoid the puddles, yet reassure my legs that they really won’t spontaneously combust through contact with a little sunshine.  It is much harder for fashion retailers who have to navigate these kinds of puddles on a much larger scale. Is this the weekend to launch the summer collection or is another downfall likely? Well yes, it’s always likely, but there’s only so long retailers can hold off, as we discovered this spring.

The tech:

It doesn’t have to be all bad. Any kind of weather can be an advertising opportunity, especially with increasing technological innovation on the horizon. There has been some good coverage recently about ways in which marketers can take advantage of the weather. At one end of the spectrum are local retailers, just itching to get their umbrella collection on display the minute the rain starts, but the real potential lies in mobile advertising. New technology is allowing  tweets to be promoted locally in response to weather-monitoring software and mobile ads which are triggered once a target temperature is reached in a certain area. This is just the beginning, but it looks like  advertisers may finally be taking the weather conversation beyond just small talk.

Further reading:

Adweek: ‘Brands Buy Real-Time Mobile Ads Based on the Weather.’ 

The Telegraph: ‘Google patents weather-based ads.’


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