Sheba Cat on Twitter

eva_longoria_sheba_01This is my unofficial entry to the Mother London Twitter personality brief.

  • You may have noticed I haven’t actually created a twitter account and that’s for two reasons: I discovered this competition last Wednesday and I I didn’t think I would be able to build up a decent twitter following in that time, the other is that although my idea could be a parody account, I wasn’t sure if Sheba would be happy about me using their brand without permission!  If my entry can’t be official for those reasons that’s fine but I wanted share my idea anyway and I hope you enjoyed it.

I wanted to create a twitter account for Eva Longoria’s cat in the Sheba adverts. Why did I choose Sheba? The brand has a very poor social media following ( with only 289 followers on twitter. Seeing as they are a cat food brand I thought it was the perfect opportunity to turn that around with the social media pulling power of the Felis Silvestris Catus. One of my favourite uses of an internet savvy feline in an ad campaign is Bertrum Thumbcat for  Cravendale. With 10.2k followers on twitter he is clearly doing something right. It’s a brilliant extension of their online ad strategy and although he rarely even mentions Cravendale he undoubtedly gets people talking about the brand online and raises awareness of it while raising a smile.

I think Sheba can tap into this success while creating their own distinct twitter personality (in addition to the official Sheba feed). The account could be a humorous combination of of the well-known pet truths that resonate with cat lovers and possibly also dispense useful fashion and beauty tips from Sheba cat’s privileged insight into Eva’s life.

Sheba cat: tweeting with my forepaws from the lap of luxury.

Some example tweets:

“why don’t more people write letters anymore? I thought you just did that so we can play with your pens?”

“Goodnight everyone, I was going to go for a walk but then I found a pile of fresh laundry and I remembered I’d only had 9 naps today! #closecall”

“enjoying the sunshine from the softness of mum’s cashmere jumper. Happy sunbathing everyone.”

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