Green & Blacks/Mother London: my entry.

Below is my entry for the Mother London competitive brief for Green & Blacks with Ideas Tap. The existing campaign uses the tagline “This is not a chocolate bar,” and depicts a flavour in the range as having a personality; for example the white bar is ‘the vanilla one’, the chilli bar is ‘the spicy one’ etc. You can see some of the campaign here. Entries were required to follow this structure and come up with a mock-up for three flavours from the Green & Blacks range. As you may have noticed, I am not an artist. I used Sketchbook Mobile Express, a free android app which I would highly recommend,  on my Samsung Galaxy tab to create the mock-ups.

I thought about what would make people really want to try each flavour and then worked back from that, e.g. flavour first, then chocolate. I wanted to embody the flavour as much as I possibly could: the best things about it, what I most enjoyed, what made the flavour the most desirable etc. I have taken out the ‘one’ at the end of each tagline.

Mint: my favourite minty thing is probably a mojito, so instead of just talking about the freshness of mint I choose a glamorous image and used a fun example of when people might want to try that flavour.

Mint bar

Mint bar

Espresso: similarly to mint, I thought about the times I might want to try this. It’s a deep strong chocolate which I think could be really appealing on a leisurely evening with a cup of coffee; with company or alone.

Espresso bar

Espresso bar

Sea salt: I shared a bar with a few friends and I noticed that some were a little reluctant to try it. For this reason, I wanted to use something familiar and tried to conjure up an image of the great British seaside holiday.

Sea salt bar

Sea salt bar

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