Immortality is meaningless, without effective advertising

Just a quickie today.  Here I am, post bacon, toast and coffee, in my comfiest, baggiest hoodie watching Buffy on TV and having a good old-fashioned lazy saturday. There’s nothing unusual happening in Buffy to be honest, Angel is perpetually tormented by his too-tight leather trousers and his eternal spiritual damnation and Buffy still has perfect hair almost 30 minutes into the episode.  During the ad break however, something did catch my attention.  I’m watching the sy fy channel (hey-lazy saturday remember!) so there are some channel specific ads first, Star trek, latest offering from America and then a 5 second spot, maximum. It’s Klaus, the über bad boy from vampire diaries. FYI, no I’m not totally obsessed with urban fantasy, just mostly. He grins sinisterly and the text, “eternal life is meaningless…without power,” appears with no voice over, then it’s finished. There is no mention of Vampire Diaries.  I spent the rest of the ad break expecting a follow up; I assumed it was a teaser and I was expecting an explanation but there wasn’t one. I don’t remember any other ads during that break.  It sowed the seed of curiosity even though I’m not a regular viewer of Vampire Diaries. Granted,  if I wasn’t a teeny bit interested in the subject matter then I doubt I would have remembered it, but it was a smart way to ensure recollection in the relevant target group, i.e. me.

A good reminder that he who shouts loudest is not always heeded.


Vampire Diaries Season 5 premieres stateside on Oct 10th, no news for the UK release yet…

UPDATE: I could not find any mention of this ad online, which led to the assumption that it was advertising Season 5 of the Vampire Diaries. Having since scoured the internet I can say that it is actually promoting Syfy UK’s recent acquisition of Vampire Diaries spin-off, ‘The Originals’. It’s still a good ad, but there needs to be more content online to back it up. In fact, the first result for the google search ‘whats the sy fy advert with klaus out of vampire diaries,’ is this blog post. Uhm, you’re welcome Syfy UK?


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