Canon: What is the next step?

Just a few, quick lunchtime thoughts on Canon’s recent advertising campaign ‘Power to your next step’ in the UK with Mcgarrybowen.

The ad shows off the new features in Canon’s camera range, including facebook compatibility and superior zoom functions. It also demonstrates that Canon can make cameras for everybody, some with much better portability than others. The implication I imagine is that people used to smartphones don’t have to get a great hulking SLR camera if they want to take better photos. I think this needs to be made implicit however.

There are certain things that cameras are never going to beat smartphones at, ease of use, portability, etc but a strong focus (I’m sorry, I no longer consider a post worthwhile if there isn’t even one pun in it) on the intrinsic advantages of cameras is necessary. It’s also important to show that camera use in conjunction with social media can be the norm, not an exception. Compatibility with instagram, facebook and twitter should be a given for new models not a bonus.

In terms of brand strategy, Canon could consider partnership with a smartphone brand to produce a particular model with superior camera specs to that of the iPhone 5 or Samsung S4. The reality is that many people have become more enthusiastic  about taking photos since they bought a smartphone and  have become prolific photo snappers. Of course, this is what has proved so damaging to the camera market in the first place, but I don’t think it has to end there. What Canon has to gain from such a partnership is obvious, but it isn’t only to their benefit.

Canon has long been established as a quality camera brand and although some consumers may be choosing not to buy a Canon camera over the use of their smartphone, the strong brand identity Canon has could well encourage them to choose a Canon integrated smartphone over another brand. In this way, it could help create a sense of professionalism and validity to their photo taking habits.

If smartphones have made us realise how much we love taking photos, then Canon needs to show us how we can take better photos. Firstly, by showing what Canon can add to our use and enjoyment of smartphones and secondly to communicate with those consumers who have a new-found love of photography to explain what a decent SLR camera can do, that a smartphone camera can’t.

Not every smartphone camera will want to take their camera usage further, but a brand partnership such as this could help to create a new class of users who want to learn how much further they can take their photography.

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