Don’t be antisocial

I am a bad blogger. You don’t need me to tell you this. The (lack of) evidence has been staring you in the face for the last two months. I’m sorry. Will it make it better if I fob you off with a blog I wrote over at Café Create instead? You never know, you might even enjoy it…

Don’t be antisocial.

Social media is a nifty little thing. Alright, that’s not doing it justice. It’s played its part in revolutions, helped make supermarkets funny (We see you, Tesco) and made us remember Oreos forever. Yet it has limitations.  Last time I checked, it hadn’t cured male pattern baldness or put milk in the fridge for me the last time I ran out. It’s also not outside the realms of possibility that some people within the advertising sphere have been adding kindle to the social media hype fire for their own benefit.

Not everyone is comfortable with social media and so understandably they seek advice on the subject.  At times the conventional advice has seemed to be, “DO EVERYTHING AND DO IT NOW!” Social media covers such a wide range of tools, it is likely that one or more of them will come in handy for your business. But all of them? Probably not.

Truth is, we’re all still figuring out what some of this stuff is good for.  We don’t know yet. The ways in which we might be using social media in 10, even 5, years time are infinitely exciting, but perhaps we shouldn’t be rushing to get there.

Initially, what was brilliant about social media for a lot of brands was that it allowed them to be disruptive and show how ahead of the game they were. They could get on the social bandwagon before everyone else and shout, “look mum no hands,” and no doubt impress a lot of people in the process. Nowadays the only advantage of social media, in some situations, is to be on the wagon with everyone else.  What then, is the impact?

Back to that disruptive part; what does it mean to be disruptive? Well, sometimes, just to make a lot of noise. Call me Rudolph, but you’re probably not the only business trying to do that at this time of year. Unless you’re incredibly innovative (and if you can figure out my milk/fridge problem I’ll be eternally grateful) you probably won’t get noticed on social media at this time of year. Being disruptive often requires taking the road less travelled.

Maybe the most disruptive thing you could be doing right now is to send a letter.

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